Take Me to the Forest

Patrick Zver

Those crazed faces pierced thedebris,

Freed from their confinement,

Barefooted they now roam thestreets.

Greeted by a landscape

That matched the turmoil of theirminds,

Shattered storefronts anddilapidated steel,

Pulverized concrete and brokenglass,

The city now dying never appearedso alive.

Brown coated soldiers look on indisbelief,

As those crazed pasty figures,

Milled about in the street.

The gaze of those sunken faces thenfell upon the hills,

As a unit their steps rose andfell,

Carrying them to the forest,

Into the trees,

Disappearing like a gentle breeze.

They left us to face our fate here,

While they met theirs amongst thefresh piney air.