Squeal of a Fool

Sophia Lopez

The sound of a ball bouncing match

The beat of my poor heart and the

Chattering of my twisted teeth

My opponent stood strong

And confident, a proud lion

Ready to catch her prey

Me, a weak baboon, prepared

To fail. But for a moment

I have a glimpse of victory

And for an instant I swore I tasted it,

Sweeter than honey and cherries

I tried to leap up to the halo

Floating above, my eyes glittering with hope

Then Lady Fate slapped me in the face.

I must have been tricking myself

When I thought I was soaring.

I had only jumped a few inches

And tripped on air

And the orange sphere never

Made it to the halo

I managed to smash it

Down on my adversaries’ dome.

A moment of stillness followed

As if everyone was paying their

Respects to me before I moved

On to the afterlife and in fear I

Let out a high pitch squeal

Soon the cackles of hyenas followed.