Suzanne Owens

Artist's Statement:

"Glass Tower Series" is a work-in-progress, begun in 2003. Combining my interest in architectural and fine art photography, these images capture the occasional, fleeting ability of Modernist skyscrapers to become mirrors, reflecting fascinating reverse images of their sites. At just the right moment in perfect light, their ubiquitous glass walls turn into dynamic canvases or dissolve entirely into see-though sculptural forms. This portion of the series (Glass Towers #1, #2, #4, #5 and #6) were captured in Honolulu and Chicago.

E. Suzanne Owens, Ph.D., is Professor of Arts and Humanities at LCCC, where she teaches art history, literature and humanities. Her architectural photography has been published in the exhibition catalogue for "Celebrations of Faith: Lorain County's Religious Heritage, 1809-2005" and featured in a complementary poster published by the Lorain County Sacred Landmarks Initiative.

 glass tower 3

glass tower 1


glass tower 4

glass tower 5